the McPherson Racing Club

About our Racing Club  

The McPherson Racing Club began in 2012 as a means for enthusiastic racegoers to combine racehorse ownership an affordable price with the social experience of group involvement. Since then, club members have enjoyed hundreds of enjoyable days racing and have achieved considerable success, with numerous visits to the winners enclosure.

Members have the choice of joining the Winter Club (which runs from October to April) or the Summer Club (which runs from May until October), although many join both to enjoy racing all year round. Each Club keeps costs to a minimum by leasing, rather than buying, its horses on a season by season basis. Club members pay a fixed price of £1,000 including VAT (which can be paid over the course of the season) for membership of the Winter Club or Summer Club and involvement in that Club’s horses for the season – there are no hidden extras.

Club members receive complimentary Owners & Trainers badges when each horse runs, and all usual ownership privileges. Stable visits to the yard for gallops mornings are organised, and club members are welcome to visit their horses whenever they like. Updates about Club horses, including racing plans and race analyses, are send out to members regularly by email. We also send members video updates so you can see the horses working even if you can’t make it to the yard as often as you’d like. Prize money won by the Club’s horses is split between members and the yard at the end of the season.

Our Club Horses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on summer jumping, we will not be running a Summer Racing Club during 2020. However, we plan to run a Winter Racing Club for 2020/21, and we will be releasing details of the horses that will be representing the Winter Racing Club in September 2020.